Deramakot Forest Reserve

Deramakot Forest Reserve is rich in wildlife with 75% of Sabah’s mammal species found within its 55,507 hectares of mixed dipterocarp forest. These species include orangutan, pygmy elephants, Banteng (wild cattle), proboscis monkeys and clouded leopards. With such rich wildlife it may a come as a surprise to note that Deramakot is logging concession. However, Deramakot is one of Sabah Forestry’s Department’s flagship projects where ‘reduced impact logging’ is practiced. This forest reserve is also the longest Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified tropical forest in the world, having been first certified in 1997. 49,711 hectares are set aside for logging with 5,778 hectares for conservation and 18 hectares for community forests. Deramakot is one of Sabah’s best wildlife watching destinations. It is particularly good for seeing the various cats of Borneo. A combination of trekking and ‘spot lighting’ in 4×4 vehicles offers the best opportunities to see a range of wildlife. Deramakot is only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles and has basic park-style accommodation. It appeals to adventurous travellers with a love of nature and wildlife who don’t mind sacrificing comfort for the chance of some unique wildlife watching experiences.

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