Niah National Park

Niah National Park is located on the Sungai Niah, about 3 km from the town of Batu Niah, 110 km south-west of Miri. The park includes one of the world’s largest cave entrances, palaeolithic & neolithic burial sites and iron-age cave paintings. The Great Cave at Niah sheltered human life some 40,000 years ago and this led to a reappraisal of the theories of human distribution on earth. What is even more amazing is there is evidence of continuous humans habitation in this cave until very recently.The park has a visitor information centre, café, chalet accommodation and a network of plankwalks that allow visitors to explore the forest and enter the caves. With some 3,100 hectares of rainforest and limestone hills, Niah National Park has much to offer in addition to its history.

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