Lubok Kasai Lodge

In response to the overwhelming success of Borneo Adventure’s Nanga Sumpa lodge we opened a jungle camp at nearby Lubok Kasai in 2009. The camp provides a more exclusive environment in a stunning riverside setting at the edge of the rainforest. Lubok Kasai was set up to appeal to people who want to experience a totally natural and tranquil setting; away from the sights, sounds and activities of a vibrant longhouse.

If you want 5-star hotel-style accommodation, Lubok Kasai is probably not for you. However, if you don’t mind staying in a comfortable but basic jungle shelter and enjoy nature at its best, you will be rewarded with a unique experience of upriver Borneo. The camp provides clean lodging with western-style toilets, mosquito netting, mattresses and bedding. Meals are prepared in the lodge and feature fresh jungle vegetables and other local delicacies.

Lubok Kasai is located a 30-45 minute longboat ride from Nanga Sumpa in what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas of Sarawak. Journey time from the Batang Ai Lake to Lubok Kasai is approximately 2 hours depending on the water level of the river.

The camp is surrounding by rainforest in an area that is inhabited by a thriving population of wild orangutans. Staying at Lubok Kasai offers the chance to explore the numerous jungle trails; spot local wildlife; and enjoy the clear cooling waters of the adjacent Lalang River. The Enseluai waterfall is just a short boat ride away; and of course your Iban hosts are always on hand; cooking traditional food and ready to provide assistance when required.

Lubok Kasai is ideal if you want a more relaxed itinerary; or indeed a tailor-made programme suited entirely to your needs: whether it be trekking in search for orangutan or other wildlife; taking a boat ride further upriver to have a picnic on pebble beach; simply chilling out by the river; or treating yourself to periods of quiet solitude, insulated from the outside world.

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