Special Interest Tours

More and more people are interested in travel which involves a learning experience. Borneo is an ideal destination for special interest tours which combine travel with a hobby, profession or a particular area of interest.

With one of the oldest and most varied rainforests in the world and an excellent network of national parks and wildlife reserves, Borneo has much to offer the nature enthusiast, be it bird watching, orchid hunting, wildlife viewing or pursuing an interest in botany. The island’s cultural diversity is also a major attraction and anyone interested in learning about arts, crafts, performances and traditions will find Sarawak and Sabah’s ethnic groups captivating.

Borneo Adventure specializes in providing personalized services which translate your wishes into an interesting itinerary and special interest travel programme. The ability to accomplish this comes from our intimate knowledge of Borneo’s cultural and natural resources and the logistics of visiting and experiencing these attractions.

Some examples of the special interest tours we have organised include photographic tours, bird-watching trips, culinary tours, nature tours, cultural and educational programmes, school and university trips and expeditions, textile tours, wildlife watching programmes and natural history tours.

If you have any questions or need help creating a special interest tour in Malaysian Borneo please contact: info@borneoadventure.com