In Search of Tarsiers & Creatures of the Night
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In Search of Tarsiers & Creatures of the Night

Price from MYR260 per person
Duration 4-5 hours
Embark on a jungle night walk and go in search of tarsiers & other creatures of the night on this tour departing from Kuching

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The western tarsier is a small primate found in the lowland forests of Borneo and Sumatra. Tarsiers are known for their large, forward-facing eyes, which are adaptations for their nocturnal lifestyle. They are also known for their ability to turn their heads 180 degrees. Western tarsiers mainly feed on insects but will also occasionally eat lizards, birds and bats.

On this tour departing from Kuching, you will embark on a jungle night walk to search for tarsiers. There are a few locations within an hour’s drive of Kuching where you have a reasonable chance of seeing these fascinating animals.

1800 hours – pick up from your hotel and travel by road for approximately one hour to an area of rainforest on the outskirts of Kuching.  Upon arrival, your English-speaking guide will provide you with a short briefing on the nocturnal wildlife of the rainforest, including the fascinating tarsier.

Then you start your night walk venturing into the rainforest. Tarsiers sleep in holes in trees during the day and are most active at night. Their body shape and huge eyes are adapted so that they can live and hunt in the rainforest at night. Your guide will scan trees at a height of 1-2 metres as this is where the tarsiers are usually spotted. They are found on trees and saplings with trunks less than 4 centimetres in diameter. Tarsiers have small bodies around 12 cm in length and have long ankle bones. Their name is derived from the word ‘tarsal’ meaning ankle bone. Tarsiers are known for their leaping abilities and can jump up to 5 metres.

You will spend around 3 hours searching for tarsiers. During this time you may see other wildlife including frogs, lizards and insects. Part of the trail runs close to a small river and it is here that your guide will search for a variety of frogs. After experiencing the forest at night, travel back to Kuching, arriving around 11-1130 hours.


Please ensure you have an early dinner before the tour. Bring a good torch (flashlight) or headlamp, drinking water, mosquito repellent, snacks and a poncho or raincoat. Wear good walking shoes.

We have carefully selected our tour locations to maximize your chances of encountering these fascinating primates. Our experienced guides have a good track record of locating these elusive creatures in their natural habitat but sightings of tarsiers during this tour are not guaranteed. If there is no rain there is a 70% chance of seeing tarsiers. If there is rain, your guide will focus on searching for frogs and other creatures of the night.


Trip Notes


Pick up from hotel, transfer, tour and English speaking guide


These tours operate on the principle that you may be in a small group of other people.

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Western Tarsier Tarantula, Sarawak

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