Damai Beach & Santubong Peninsula

Damai Beach is situated on the Santubong Peninsula around 35 km from Kuching. Damai is dominated by the rainforest-clad slopes of Mount Santubong. The Santubong area has long been settled by small fishing communities and was once a trading centre.

Today the Santubong Peninsula, especially Damai Beach, is Sarawak’s main beach resort destination. However, the area’s best attractions are away from the beach.

Damai Beach offers a range of nature-based tours and activities centred on the coastline and the protected forest at Mount Santubong National Park. There are a number of trekking trails in the park, including the trek to the summit.

The mangrove forests of the nearby Kuching Wetlands National Park are a short boat ride from Damai beach. The mangroves are best explored on a Santubong Wildlife Cruise.

The Santubong and Salak estuaries are home to the rare Irrawaddy dolphin and finless porpoise. Dolphin watching tours depart daily from Damai Beach and the Santubong boat club, with pick-up from your hotel in Damai or Kuching.

Satang Island is visible from Damai Beach. This small forested island is part of the Talang Satang Marine Park and a nesting ground for green turtles. Day trips to the island operate during the dry season months from March to October.

The Sarawak Cultural Village is also located at Damai Beach and nearby Buntal Village is famed for its seafood restaurants perched on stilts above the sandflats.

For details of the tours we offer in Damai & Santubong  see our Kuching section.


Damai Beach

The main resort hotels are Damai Beach Hotel, Damai Puri Resort & Spa and Permai Rainforest Resort. There are also a number of guest houses, small hotels and homestays located at Damai. The pick of the bunch is Nanga Damai Homestay.

Getting There

There is no regular (or reliable) daily public bus service from Kuching to Damai Beach.  It is quite easy to get a Grab (the local Uber) to Damai and the fare is RM 45-80 one way. However, sometimes it is not easy to get a Grab back to Kuching as there might not be any Grab cars in the Damai area. You can arrange a pick up time from Damai with the Grab driver who dropped you off. Some drivers are willing to do this.

There is a free hydrogen bus that operates on a Kuching-Damai loop on Saturdays and Sundays. Well it is supposed to. Kuching’s hydrogen bus is not the most reliable bus service in the world as the bus is often temporarily suspended or operates with reduced frequency. For information on the Hydrogen bus service see their website.  For updates or to see how often the service is out of action see the H2 Sarawak Facebook page.




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