Damai Beach & Santubong Peninsula

The Santubong Peninsula, situated on the mouth of the Sarawak River 35 km from Kuching, is dominated by the rainforest-clad slopes of Mount Santubong. The area has long been settled by small fishing communities and was once a trading centre.

Today the Santubong Peninsula, especially Damai Beach, is Sarawak’s main beach resort destination. However, the area’s best attractions are away from the beach.

Whilst the beach is OK, the Santubong area offers a range of nature-based tours and activities centred on the protected forest at Mount Santubong National Park; the mangrove forests of the nearby Kuching Wetlands National Park; the Santubong and Salak estuaries which are home to the rare Irrawaddy dolphin and finless porpoise; and the islands of the Talang Satang Marine Park which are nesting grounds for green turtles. The Sarawak Cultural Village is also located at Damai Beach and nearby Buntal Village is famed for its seafood restaurants perched on stilts above the sandflats.

For details of the tours we offer in Damai & Santubong  see our Kuching section.


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