Maludam National Park

proboscis monkey, Maludam

Maludam National Park covers an area of 53,568 hectares and was first gazetted as a protected area in 2000 (43,147 ha) and extended (10,421 ha) in 2015. The park is situated on the Maludam Peninsula between the Saribas River to the north and the Lupar River to the south. It is located approximately 130 kilometres from Kuching.

Maludam is comprised almost entirely of low-lying peat swamp forest and is the largest tract of peat swamp remaining in Sarawak. Peat swamp forest supports a wide diversity of flora and fauna and the park is of key importance for biodiversity including endemic species.

The park is home to the incredibly rare red banded langur (Presbytis melalophos cruciger). There are thought to be only 300 red banded langurs living in Maludam. Other wildlife found in the park includes proboscis monkeys, silvered langurs, long-tailed macaques, crocodiles, monitor lizards and flying foxes.

Birdlife found in Maludam includes four species of hornbill, stork-billed kingfisher, white bellied sea eagle, sunbirds and spiderhunters, bulbuls and the rare Storm’s stock. The Sungai Maludam estuary (outside of the park) is a one of the best places in Sarawak for seeing the lesser adjutant.

Maludam National Park was extensively logged before it was gazetted as a protected area. Today, the park still faces threats from illegal logging and encroachment as insufficient funds are allocated to properly manage and patrol a park of this size.

Whilst Maludam is open to the public it is one of the least visited parks in Sarawak, attracting just 100-150 visitors per year.

The park offers reasonable wildlife watching opportunities but similar wildlife can be seen at easily accessible national parks such as Bako and Kuching Wetlands, both within an hour of Kuching. The lack of accommodation and other facilities at Maludam is another factor in the park’s low visitor numbers.

Maludam Park HQ


There is no accommodation at Maludam National Park. However, there are several homestays and one hotel in the coastal village of Maludam.

Wildlife Cruises

The river running through the park is navigable and it is possible to rent boats in Maludam village and go on wildlife cruises in the park. The best time to do this is early morning and late afternoon. The river is quite narrow and brown coloured due to tannins. Proboscis monkeys are commonly seen on river cruises in the park but sightings of the red banded langur are very rare.

Getting to Maludam

Without your own transport getting to Maludam National Park is not easy. Public transport is not really an option. Most people drive there. The jumping off point for the park is the village of Maludam.  From Kuching, you head to Samarahan then take the coastal road, passing Asajaya. Then across the Sadong bridge and continue to Sebuyau. You then have to take a ferry across the wide expanse of the Lupar River to Triso. From there it is a short drive to Maludam. Travel time from Kuching to Maludam is 3-4 hours, depending on the waiting time at the ferry.

Map of getting to Maludam


We do not operate fixed departure, small group tours to Maludam but we can arrange private tours to the park. Please email us for more details.

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